Your outside space is one of the biggest home luxuries you have, particularly your backyard. Enhance it with a deck that brings countless relaxation and fun to your homelife. Whether in need of a periodic solution, such as a deck stain or wash, or a more advanced approach, we are here to help. No design or idea is beyond our scope, and we can even work around pools and similar apparatuses that include plumbing fixtures.


In need of a basement fixup or have a new home that needs to include one? Look no further than Ritter Build. From foundation on up, we accurately zone, construct and take care of your basement from minor mishaps to severe remodeling jobs.


Kitchens are one of the busiest places in your household. It’s where the family gathers together and nourishment is met. Updated appliances, modern fixtures and designs and working electrical and plumbing can make or break the center of your home. We offer construction and remodeling services that provide solutions to all your kitchen problems.

Commercial Construction

Our commercial construction services cover the building process from beginning to end. From small jobs to large, there is no feat we can’t tackle and overcome using quality craftsmanship, exemplary customer service and fair and honest prices. Whether it be an office space or an entire complex, we deliver as promised.


Whether in need of new bathrooms or just updates to your old, the staff at Ritter Built is up to the challenge. We provide solid solutions; including grout, flooring, sink/toilet/bath/shower install, plumbing, decor and other problems that come your way.


Connecting pipes, fixing faucets and ensuring proper installations are part of the plumbing services we provide as part of our building repertoire. Also in our arsenal? All electrical and HVAC issues are covered as we staff skilled professionals educated in both trades. No need to hire an outside company when our in-house team performs the same duties.